Faithful Men Fellowships

One of the aims of Turning Hearts Ministries is to seek to challenge and encourage men to rise up, by God’s grace, to the spiritual leadership to which God has called us in our families and in the Body of Christ. The primary initiative that we have undertaken in order to pursue this aim is a monthly men’s fellowship we have called, “Faithful Men.” This name is derived from 2 Timothy 2:1, 2:

You then, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust also to faithful men who will be qualified to teach others.

Understanding that this was Paul’s instruction to his “son” in the Lord, Timothy, this passage also expresses our desire for the men’s fellowship.

  1. That each of us might grow to be strong in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ as faithful sons of our heavenly Father.
  2. That we would aspire to be faithful and trustworthy students of the Word of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  3. That we might be able to teach others faithfully in our families and in the Body of Christ, and to be effective testimonies of “the grace that is in Christ Jesus” to those who do not yet know Him.

Faithful Men Fellowship meetings include teaching, discussion, and the opportunity to interact with other men who desire to know Christ and grow in His grace.

Men of all ages are invited to participate in Faithful Men Fellowships.

Participants are encouraged to bring friends and neighbors.

Fathers are welcome to bring their sons. We would recommend that dads use their judgment about the age of sons that they bring, with the age of about eleven years and up as a basic guideline.

If you are interested in taking part in a Faithful Men Fellowship, please contact us, let us know the location of the group you would like to attend, and we will put you on our e-mail list and provide you with detailed driving directions.


Faithful Men Fellowship began with just one group but has expanded to three groups in different locations in order to make the fellowship available to more men across the greater Birmingham area.

The three fellowship groups are hosted in the homes of friends of Turning Hearts Ministries in

  • Hoover
  • Montevallo, and
  • Cook Springs 

on the first, second, and third Tuesday's of every month respectively. 

If circumstances or calendar considerations alter the dates of any of the groups, attendees will usually be notified by e-mail and the change will be posted on this site.

All Faithful Men Fellowship meetings begin at 6:30 p.m. and end at 8:30 p.m.