Speaking and Bible Teaching

In over thirty years of ministry, the Lord has provided many opportunities for Mark to teach and preach in groups with a wide range of diversity: large and small, children and adults, men and women, young people and parents, believers and unbelievers, families and singles, and mixtures of all of these.

Through this wealth of experience, God has given Mark a growing passion for His Word and an enthusiastic teaching style that challenges hearers to be engaged in the message and to respond to the Lord.

Teaching Venues

Mark has significant experience speaking and teaching for:

  • Church services
  • Sunday school classes
  • Church community groups
  • Christian schools
  • Home school groups
  • Conferences and camps
  • Seminars
  • Men's and Women's groups
  • Parents and Young People
  • College and Singles groups


Previous Bible Studies and Topics

Bible Studies

  • He Has Spoken to Us by His Son: A Study of Themes in Hebrews
  • Inductive Bible Study of Malachi
  • What Will You Do With the Time That's Left?: Studies in Philippians
  • Daniel Chapters 1- 6
  • Psalm 34
  • Toward Wisdom, Stature, and Favor: Some Principles from Luke 2

Topical Studies 

  • Remember Whose You Are: Why Boys Don't Want to Become Men
  • Some Thoughts on Family Worship
  • Seeking an Undivided Heart
  • Developing Vision for My Family
  • Lessons from the Perfect Parent and His Not-So-Perfect Children
  • The Key Words of the Christian Life: Not My Will
  • God's Commissioning of Christian Men
  • Walking With God 

Character Studies 

  • Abraham: The Friend of God
  • All the Difference: The Tragic Legacy of Lot
  • A Rock and A Wrestling Match: The Transformation of Jacob
  • It All Depends on How You Look at It: Joseph and the Foundation of Forgiveness
  • What is That in Your Hand?: The Mosaic Leadership Development Program
  • Daniel: A Life of Faith is a Faithful Life
  • Our Eyes Are on You: The Leadership Model of Jehoshaphat


Booking Information

Turning Hearts Ministries does not ask a fee for Mark's speaking ministry.

Assistance with travel expenses and handout materials is appreciated when offered.

We would not want financial limitations to inhibit an opportunity that the Lord has provided for ministry, so please feel free to contact us without concern about remuneration. 

If you are interested in discussing a speaking engagement with Mark, click here to contact him via the mail, telephone, or using our website contact form which will link to his e-mail.