A "Households of Faith" Bible Study:

  • is a six-week, small group Bible study meeting in a home setting, designed for mutual encouragement and learning.
  • brings the entire family - children, teens, and adults - together for the study of God's Word.
  • can include both young and old, married couples and singles, parents and grandparents.
  • can provide older believers the opportunity to encourage younger Christians as the Scriptures instruct in Titus 2.
  • can provide a casual atmosphere in which to introduce neighbors to Christ through a down-to-earth study of the Bible.
  • can help to encourage and motivate husbands and fathers in their challenging, Biblical responsibility of spiritual leadership in their families.

The studies are led by Mark Travers, who has prepared lessons that are challenging and instructive to individuals of all ages.

Households of Faith Bible Study materials include discussion starters for fostering interaction that can follow up on the weekly lessons.

Hosting a Households of Faith Bible Study involves:

  1. coordinating the scheduling of the dates and times of your study with us, 
  2. communicating with those you would like to invite to your study, and 
  3. opening your home with hospitality for the weeks of the study. 

Turning Hearts Ministries is flexible with scheduling and can accomodate the design and nature of the Bible Study to address your desires and/or needs.

If you are interested in participating in or hosting a Households of Faith Bible Study, please contact Mark and Darby Travers by clicking hre.

We will be glad to discuss the planning with you, and we would love to study the Word of God with your family and friends.

Feedback From Participants:

"We were so surprised that not only were we challenged and inspired by the teaching, but at the same time our 7 year old was able to understand deep truths. And she enjoyed the visual aids and game-like activities that kept her interested for over an hour."

"It gave our 11 and 13 year old sons common ground and something they both looked forward to and enjoyed - a bit of heaven! They interacted with the Word and it was 'real' for them."

"Bringing older and younger together to study God's Word encourages each as they see each other's faith grow."

"It reaffirms to the children the parents' high regard for Scripture."

"Our 7 year old - who has been resistant to family devotions - really benefited from watching the other children listening intently to the Bible study and contributing to it. I think it really encouraged her to see the importance of participating with us in Bible study."

"(The teaching) methods and presentation lend themselves to be enjoyed, understood, and to inspire those who hear."

"Could it keep going for a bit longer?"