The Mission of Turning Hearts Ministries

The Mission of Turning Hearts Ministries is to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ and further the kingdom of God through exhorting and challenging men, women, and young people to have their hearts turned toward the Lord as disciples of Jesus Christ, toward one another as families, and toward others as stewards of the Gospel.

The ministry is committed to the faithful teaching of the Word of God, the promotion of the Scriptural model of inter-generational learning and worship, and the affirmation of the Biblical foundation of the family.

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The Vision of Turning Hearts Ministries

In seeking to fulfill our mission, it is our desire to pursue five main vision objectives:

• To recall the Church to a Biblical perspective on the family, to distinctly Biblical teaching on the family, and to a Biblical responsibility for its families;

• To challenge and encourage men to rise up, by God's grace, to the spiritual leadership to which God has called us in our homes and in the Body of Christ;

• To take the study of the Word of God back into the Christian home;

• To redirect young people into the regular life of their families and churches rather than primarily to their peer group; and

• To promote the work of the Kingdom of God (in ministry, outreach, and mission) as a normative function of family life.